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EUROTACMA, S.A. is a company dedicated to the representation, distribution, wholesale and retail sales, import and export of all kinds of machinery, hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, pipes, fittings, programmable controllers, electrical controls, level, pressure and flow and development, manufacture, installation, assembly, testing and maintenance of all machinery, tools, desks and panels.


EUROTACMA, S.A., is born on April 1,1989 in Gijón, Spain, though the company had
been working from the early 80s under the name of TACMA.



The representation, distribution, wholesale and retail buying and selling, import and export of hydraulic
and pneumatic systems, as well as their repairing, installation and subsequent maintenance.



C/ Marie Curie nº 10
Pol. Ind. Mora Garay
33211 – GIJÓN (Asturias) – España
Teléfono: (+34) 985 33 87 77
Fax: (+34) 985 33 78 92